The Next Episode – Page 188
  • À Paris

    see           The week in Paris is now behind, and I'm back in Copenhagen with new energy (and some new freckles). The trip was originally arranged by the school as a ...

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    À Paris
  • Contrast

       Playing with light in Helsinki, March 2018 Now I'm going to finish packing for Paris tomorrow. Bisous! ...

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  • Glyptoteket

      Long time since I've last written here. Quite a lot has happened during one month actually! A lot more than I imagined. February started off with going to different job interviews, and I found ...

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  • 110218

    Today after having spent a typical Sunday doing nothing and scrolling through social medias and blogs until my eyes felt crossed, I had the weirdest feeling of an urge to write.  I've always held ...

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  • Nansensgade

            Im currently sitting on the sofa drinking coffee and waiting for the painkiller to kick in. Yesterday evening clearly left its marks on me for today. Friday ...

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